Video, Facebook & Organic Traffic Marketing System Membership Options

Membership Option #1

Complete Done For You Marketing System "PASSIVE Income Opportunity"

Membership Option #2

Do It Yourself 1,000,000 Daily Organic Traffic System Income Opportunity

Here's What You Receive:

#1. 1,000,000 NICHE Organic Content Posts targeted to your business model.   

#2. A CUSTOM Lead Capture Page - AutoResponder Sales Funnel (using your AWEBER ACCOUNT)

#3. I will program your CUSTOM lead capture page to offer something FREE ( Example: a free report ) increasing your lead generation. Click Here to see Julyssa's free offer!

#4. In your AWEBER account I will program a series of 7 autoresponder messages. Remember it takes 3 to 7 times of follow-up for that prospect to take action!

#5. I will custom design & program 3 BANNERS with a biz op affiliate link of your choice.  Check out Julyssa's floating banner below.

#6. As you know the organic traffic could take up to 30 to 60 days to index and show so we will buy traffic from a outside source to get visitors to  your marketing platform ASAP!

#7. You will have your own Traffic Tracking Panel. Click Here to see Julyssa's Traffic Tracking Panel.

#8. I will build a Facebook Marketing Campaign PAGE & GROUP for your biz op. Click Here for her PAGE - Click Here for her Group

#9. I will produce 8 CUSTOM videos ( as I have for Julyssa ) using the Live Event Blaster 2 software to rank at the top of Video Google Search. Click Here to see the videos I have produced for Julyssa so far. More to come!

#10. As I build your marketing platform I will SHOWCASE it ( as I have with Julyssa’s ) to my list of members. Example - every time I make a video for Julyssa I send that video to my AWEBER list including those in my www.SilverFox.Live members.

#11. A 50/50 Joint Venture Partnership is built into your marketing platform. As you can see,  with Julyssa’s marketing platform, I constantly talk about replicating her marketing platform for her visitors. Those visitors to YOUR marketing platform, who purchase a platform, you will make 50% of the membership fee or $500 if they purchase the 1,000,000 Organic Traffic Content Posts Package.

So let’s summarize…

#1. A ONE TIME PAYMENT for a lifetime of marketing & earnings.

#2. 1,000,000 Organic Targeted Traffic Content Posts targeted to your business model.

#3. Custom Sales Funnel Lead Cap System using YOUR Aweber ( they are YOUR leads to use as you wish )

#4. Your biz op is showcased on your marketing platform

#5. 8 Custom produced videos using Live Event Blaster 2 software to rank them on a Google Video Search.

#6. Your Marketing Platform SHOWCASED to my LIST as I build it.

#7. I do the selling for you with this 50/50 Joint Venture Opportunity. Make an additional $500 on each 1,0000,0000 marketing platform I sell for you!  

Your Marketing Platform will take from 15 to 30 days to build. That’s OK because while I’m building it I will be marketing it using the Videos, Purchased Traffic and Facebook Marketing.

Over-all I will spend about 80 hours building your CUSTOM marketing platform.


I do everything - YOU DO NOTHING - This marketing system keeps working for you 24/7 "FOREVER" with a one time payment!


If you would like to proceed contact me 602-845-9433 or email me at with the message...

"Julyssa from It Works Weight Loss Wraps sent me and YES I would like to have you build me 1,000,000 - 2,000,000 - 4,000,000 - 8,000,000 Organic Content Pages for my biz - please send an invoice and payment options"

(your name & best contact phone number)

All This For Only A One Time Payment Of $1,000

Here's What You Can Do:

Build Your Own 1,000 Page Contents For Your Biz Opportunities

Once you setup your Organic Traffic System you will be able to generate up to 1,000,000 Posts (and more) for your business opportunities DAILY.

Yes in addition to doing this yourself you can sell this organic traffic to other entrepreneurs


Build Your Own 50/50 1,000 Page Contents For Other Entrepreneurs As Shown In Membership Option #1 To The Left


#1. You buy the domains related to their business

#2. You program a URL Rotator with those domains sending the link to the subscriber - allowing them to track their traffic.

#3. You custom build and host their Lead Capture and Autoresponder System (Aweber) around their business If they already have a Sales Funnel you will program the leads to also funnel to that system.

#4. You do the initial keyword research for their first business campaign

#5. You build 1,000,000 organic content pages for their business

#6. Those prospects who join through this Organic Traffic System and buy the $1,000 - $2,000 - $4,000 - $8,000 Organic Traffic Package you split the membership fee

There MAY be a 30 day LEARNING CURVE with this Membership Option and you need to be computer savvy to make this work for you.

You will have access to a LIVE 24 HOUR FORUM to help you build your Organic Traffic Marketing System

Plus I will take you into my LIVE online room and train you on how to post 1,000,000 pages a day for yourself & your subscribers.

Click here SilverFox.Live to register and be notified when my room is open so you can watch me post content for my members and find out how easy it is.

CLICK HERE to join and start building your OWN Organic Traffic Marketing System



Starting At $67 Monthly